About Us
RVR Interior design

RVR started out of a passion coupled with a wonderful opportunity. At the beginning, we did not have the ambition to become a company. However, the desire to make dreams come true was so great that little by little, clients encouraged us to continue working and start up our own business.

Our mission is to always deliver an executable project and not just a good idea that will remain on paper. We combine our creativity along with the ideas and dreams of our clients in order to shape our projects with the personality and uniqueness of each individual.

We dedicate our heart and soul into each and every project. We are passionate about helping everyone making their dreams and wishes come true and it doesn't matter if you dream of a house or a business, we are ready to work together with you no matter what!

At the end of the project we will be happy to see the transformation of your house into a home, into a cozy space where you will spend hours with your family or perhaps the space will have turned into a powerful business place where you can finally start your dream journey.

Now here we are, ready and waiting for you to start your project.

Meet our team


Renata Vida Rossetto

Interior Designer & CEO

This is Renata, a graduate of architecture and urbanism who is passionate about interior design. She has completed numerous courses both in Brazil and Ireland. She loves it so much she has It tattooed on her skin.A good friend, a dedicated and creative woman who is a day dreamer.
She loves dancing, movies, cinema and TV shows.
She is crazy into her interior design projects, always looking for the next big trend. A chatty woman who is extremely organized, caring and pays huge attention to detail. She dives head first into anything she does.
Passionate about creating new designs, she loves helping people making their dreams come true. She enjoys spending hours and hours looking for new references, solutions and the most beautiful and inexpensive items. She is so talented and has a really big heart.
She is for sure the one person who will help to bring out your ideas into the project and translate your dreams into design. She has supervised numerous projects, from low-budgets to million-dollar budgets, from South America to Europe. She is an experience and passionate interior designer, who has worked since small apartments to large houses.
This is her, this is Renata. You can call her Reh (she loves it).

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Thiago Di Giorgio

3D Render & Finance

A tech-savvy and graduate of Information Technology. He has always worked with I.T. A couple years back he discovered the world of rendering and fell in love. It started off as a hobby for him but nowadays he is fully responsible for making our project as realistic as possible, so that you can feel as if you are literally inside of your home before the execution has even started. Furthermore, he also looks after all legal and financial parts of the business and is always up for a new challenge. Do expect to see him around during our visits and meetings, he loves to participate!

Please meet Thiago Di Giorgio.